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What is Dune?
Dune is a science fiction media franchise that originated with the 1965 novel Dune by Frank Herbert. Dune is frequently cited as the best selling science fiction novel in history.
The political, scientific, and social fictional setting of Herbert’s novels and derivative works is known as the Dune universe, from that one of the most epic Board games has been set.


What is the Dune League?
We will be running a series of Dune Board game sessions at Dice & Fork where players will earn ranking points based on the result of each game they play. The rank will be posted on the Wall at Dice & Fork for everyone to see!

Haven’t played?
Dune is an epic game but maybe not for everyone, it can run 8 hours or so sometimes, and if you don’t play many board games yet you may find it too rule heavy or tedious. But Dune creates some of the most memorable and epic moments you simply don’t get from other games. A masterpiece of tactics and treachery that grips you from start to finish. If you are interested in a learning game get in contact with us and we will put in the next learning game session.


League Format:

  • The league will basically be a series of Dune games with no set end date scheduled. It will be more of a constant leaderboard based on Ranking points.

  • The games will be played with the standard and advanced ruleset EXCLUDING double spice blow and advanced combat.

  • Factions will be semi random – basically random but avoiding players playing the same factions too often.

  • Entering the league is of course free and upon your first game only you will be awarded 5 ranking points. (RP)

  • Each time you play a game you spend an RP unless you have none, in which case it does not cost you any RP.

You will be awarded RP based on the outcomes at below:
Solo Stronghold Victory 5RP
BG Prediction 4.5RP
Solo Fremen Default 4RP
Alliance Stronghold Victory 3.5RP
Solo Spacing Guild Default 3RP
Alliance Default Victory (Spacing or Fremen) 2RP

If the game ends in Spacing Default, Players (Excluding Spacing Guild and their alliance faction) will score 0.25RP per Stronghold they control. This will be awarded individually, not by alliance.
After you have played a few games your RP becomes official, I will have the ranking points of the top players listed on a Leaderboard permanently on the wall at Dice & Fork. Bragging rights!

Additionally 0.1RP will be given to the best dressed judged on the day for wearing the most of your faction colours or even further dressing as one of your leaders! We do encourage everyone to engage in the fun by at least wearing something in their respective faction colours.



The Sands of Arrakis await!

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